New Page Added: The Safety Non-Crisis

Added a new page and some new content to the malfunctions and protest pages.

New page: Safety Non-Crisis

My goal with this page is to illustrate that these cameras are not necessary. They were brought in to address a problem we really didn’t and don’t have. The presentation to the officials who decided to go forward with these was slick and irresistible. The problem is that our officials didn’t do their homework.

Updates: Malfunctions

Added more Youtube videos and news articles about cameras malfunctioning. I don’t think people really realize that these cameras and the administrative systems behind them are VERY prone to error. Furthermore, I don’t think people fully appreciate the burden that an erroneous ticket places on a person… the time, the money, the expenses. This is a burden that the innocent public does not deserve. The other thing that I don’t think people understand is that there is no government agency overseeing the daily maintenance and calibration of the equipment. We have to trust that these for-profit companies are being honest with us about the operational accuracy and status of the equipment – especially when they have financial incentive to be dishonest with little or no chance of being caught.

Updates: Protest

Added videos and articles about “small victories.” Patriotic Americans and citizens of other countries who have stood up to this tyrannical and non-sensical movement.

Again – if you know of anything I missed, please contact me and I’ll add it!


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