Exploiting the Biggest Weakness of the Cameras

I saw this articlea couple of days ago and realized that I really should comment on it. This demonstrates yet again just how ineffective and weak the cameras are.

Kids are printing out license plates of people they don’t like, taping them onto their cars, and then driving past cameras generating tickets. While it may or may not be easy for the victim to get out of their ticket, it is a big demonstration of the inability of the cameras to identify drivers beyond any doubt as well as the undeserved burden upon the innocent, as victims of the scam may need to hire lawyers, take time off of work, and/or waste time responding to these false and completely bogus allegations. Innocent drivers do not deserve this burden!



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    You obviously ignored the page on the site about machine malfunctions, dishonest camera companies, and the studies showing that cameras cause an INCREASE in accidents. Spend some time on the site and educate yourself. -admin

  2. moses
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    Recently I received a traffic-photo ticket and it showed my vehicle at the middle of an intersection. All I can say is that I had to go to the restroom after taking a Detox7 body cleanser earlier that day and I am not too much of a computer literate person to “view” the video that shows my car being driven thru the red light. The citation indicates that this video is available using some specific “video program that my c omputer doesn’t have but even when I follow the instructions to download the video and “watch it” it can’t be seen. I see one thing for sure missing at the red lights and it is a police officer to control the traffic on the scene of an accident, WELL I guess they have adopted the attitude of ” I am not getting paid for that”. If I committed such violation I don’t even qualify to take a Driver’s safety course because I am a CDL operator.

    I believe they do have a means where you can go to a police station and view the video… A major pain I know, but if you’re going to fight it (which I recommend) you definitely should try. Check the page on my site about getting out of tickets… something there might work. -admin

  3. brittney
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    what is wrong with you people. The whole reason they put cameras in was to stop speeding people from running red lights and colliding with other cars who have the right of way. are you seriously this ignorant? and not constitutional? Section 3, second paragraph of the U.S. Constitution states, “The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and
    Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United
    States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice
    any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State.”
    If you didn’t get that…it means they can do whatever they feel is needed and if they think too many people are running red lights and causing accidents then they are gonna put cameras in. And after all this, how would cameras cause an accident. Sounds like a lame excuse. Hey lets run a red light, hit another car and blame it on the camera. Follow the rules of the road or dont be on it. Its really not that hard. So quit trying to blame the LAW for you own reckless driving.

    Please spend more time reading the site to better understand our position on the issues. It’s obvious you have not spent much time here. –admin

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    This is a very important issue to protest about and we’ll need all the people we can get to make it happen. Privacy is the issue and for the government to monitor us as if we are criminals is hard for me to take. I believe that this is the first sign of communism in our country and with all these “traffic cameras” in place we wouldn’t have a chance at escaping from their view even if we tried. I’m far from being paranoid, but I do believe that they are getting everything in place for that day, and this is how they’re doing it. We need to really protest on this and I’m doing everything I can, and we all have to do the same. Please inform everyone you know about this.

    And you can help by spreading the news and links about this website too. One of most important aspects of the founding of our country was a fair judicial process (due process), the right to face accusers, and innocent until proven guilty. Photo enforcement violates all of these tenants that Americans should hold dear. –admin

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    Boy…..I thought I did my research paid on line to an so called attorney …who advised me just send the info ie photo dl since I reside in ca. I have had convictions 3yrs ago.therefor don’t need any additional points on my record..I was sent by mail the photo and request of how to take care of the problem…I was informed that az sends the info to ca. I got the approx 81 in a 65 on i10 @59st…actually I’m innocent of the 81 I was going 75 to 78…thx

    The photo enforcement on the highways by law CANNOT count toward your driving record and/or insurance. See the links to the laws on the links page. –admin

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