Today was quite successful. I personally testified at the House Transportation Committee’s hearing on HB2106 which will ban cameras on all state highways. This is a terrific first step, but it will not remove cameras operated by counties and cities. Although my testimony probably didn’t sway the vote, the bill made it through committee with a 5-2 vote, with XXXXXXX and XXXX voting against it. The other representatives were quite well informed and intelligent on the issue. These members could not see past the alleged increase in safety.

Speaking of alleged increase in safety, according to Sheriff Babeu of Pinal County, the cameras caused an increase of accidents by 16%! See the video here. Quotes: “Complete failure… for the county.” “Accidents actually increased by 16%.” “We’ve actually seen from 2007 to 2008 our actual injury accidents and fatalities actually doubled in the areas in Pinal county where photo radar was used.”


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