Photo Service Fraud and another City Dumps Red Light Cameras

In Tucson, it was found that a process server was lying about the serving of over a thousand photo tickets. As a result, some drivers were surprised to find out that they had their licenses suspended or incurred other penalties as a result of a citation they had no idea about. This exemplifies a perfect example of what can and will go wrong due to the extra processes and steps involved in photo tickets versus human-issued citations. Here’s a video.

Then in the category of revenue not safety, we are (not) susprised to find out that a city has elected to allow their red light camera contract expire after a judge ruled that the revenue from the cameras was required to go directly to the public schools rather than the general budget. We find it strange (not) that a city would want to cancel what was regarded as a wildly successful improvement in safety simply because the revenue couldn’t go into the city coffers.


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