Construction Zone Fatalities Increase 24% Due to Photo Enforcement

I don’t think the general public understands the extent of the photo enforcement propaganda effort. I’ve found a perfect example to illustrate. This Illinois state press release actually provides the data mentioned in the Sun Times article.

2003: 44
2004: 38
2005: 25
2006: 29
2007: 21
2008: 31

The press release states that cameras were introduced in 2006 and also boasts, “These vans are an additional state of the art enforcement tool that helps reduce fatalities in work zones.”

The article states, “Construction zone fatalities have decreased by nearly 30 percent since 2003 and photo enforced vans will continue to ticket motorists speeding in work zones this construction season.”

You can see the nonsense. The article could have just as easily have said accidents have increased 24% since 2005 due to photo enforcement! Clearly, they picked a data point that would allow the 30% reduction claim to be made, hoping that the public wouldn’t figure out the truth. It’s pretty clear to me that photo enforcement has had a negligible effect on fatalities, and if anything, caused an increase in accidents. Clearly, the changes in enforcement prior to photo enforcement are to be credited the improvement, NOT the cameras. It’s safe to say that the results are inconclusive at best.

The is how the dirty photo enforcement PR game is played.


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