Compilation of Speed Camera/Photo Enforcement Van Attacks

People don’t understand how often speed camera (photo enforcement) vans come under attack. Officials did a good job of acting surprised after the Apr 19 shooting of the driver in Phoenix. But they shouldn’t have been. They know that van operators are sitting targets, and here is a short list of camera van incidents that we found. I’m sure there are more.

Apr 28, 2009: Female van operator assaulted
Apr 19, 2009: Van operator shot in Phoenix
Mar 10, 2009: Speed van attacked
Jun 20, 2008: Axe man attacks speed camera operator’s car
May 21, 2008: Speed camera operator attacked with needle
Nov 18, 2007: Speed camera operator’s car attacked
Aug 28, 2007: Camera van operator assaulted
Jun 21, 2001: Man charged over punch attempt on speed camera operator

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