Photo Enforcement Error Rate Exceeds 25%

Ever wonder how accurate the photo enforcement equipment is? The vendors won’t publish this information.

According to this article in the Weekly Standard, the automated ticketing machine vendor ACS claims that camera “success” rates can be as low as 42% – and their competition as low as 33%, meaning that pictures are tossed because they are blurry or unclear. Then according to the IIHS, the registered owner is the driver of the car only 72% of the time. This gives an overall success rate of around 30%.

But the most startling is definitely the fact that 28% of all citations sent out are to the wrong person! What kind of law enforcement program finds it acceptable to issue a citation to the wrong guy 28% of the time?

Now factor in the error rates of the equipment and the operators and you have a truly dismal picture of how untrustworthy photo enforcement really is.


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