Lawmakers Above the Law, Cont’d

This past week I have done additional research regarding the lawmakers being above the law (see a previous blog post). To recap, all AZ lawmakers are exempt from non-criminal offenses while they are in session, which is about 6 months per year.

I didn’t find anything exciting, just some information. Since it’s straight from DPS and a lot of people don’t know how things work, and because they were nice enough to respond to my inquiries, I’ll publish what I learned.

First of all, the legislative immunity is found in the AZ Constitution Article 4, Part 2, Section 6. My questions then wandered to the mechanics of how law enforcement makes sure that lawmakers don’t get photo tickets. The real answer is that they don’t take any measures to keep lawmakers from getting tickets. If a lawmaker gets a ticket, they have to fight it or take measures to have it dismissed. There are no automatic measures in place to ensure that they never get tickets to begin with. This applies to both the NOV and the actual citations filed with the courts.


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