Another City Cancels Red Light Program

Schaumburg, IL becomes the latest city across the nation to shutter its redlight program. The city council was honest enough to see the program for what it was and to interpret the data without rose-colored glasses.

“But Schaumburg’s police chief tells CBS 2 that a study of accidents at 10 other intersections suggest the cameras won’t prevent collisions.”

Article 1 – CBS News

“I think the camera should go,” said Schaumburg Village President Al Larson. “It wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do.”

“”We’re trying to be a town that’s attractive to shoppers and tourists, and harassing them with red-light cameras when there’s no justification from a public-safety standpoint just doesn’t make sense,” Larson said.”

Article 2 Chicago Sun Times

When will cities like Avondale, AZ come around? Maybe after our next article. We’re working on something, stay tuned…


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