“An Officer Reviews Each Ticket.” Yeah, Right.

We get a lot of email here from visitors who have received photo tickets across the country. The volume and content of the letters often reflects the same theme… Erroneous tickets that are supposedly reviewed by a police officer are being issued to innocent drivers.

The latest example comes from a driver in Ontario, Canada. She was in a funeral procession with a police escort who directed them through a red light camera intersection. You can guess what happened next. Flash! The camera went off and now several funeral attendees are now looking at red light running tickets.

Now these aren’t all locals who can just go down to the court and fight the ticket. Many of these are out of town and out of state visitors. All of them were directed by the police to drive through the red light for the procession. When these cameras were proposed the city, all of the officials promised that each an every ticket would be reviewed by an officer. Boy, were you fooled.

Now you have a whole group of people with erroneous tickets who are unfairly burdened with dealing with an erroneous ticket they don’t deserve. The officer review is apparently nothing more than a rubber stamp process. In fact, it’s a common report that cities and organizations are relying on the innocent to refute the ticket and placing the entire burden of proof of on the driver. No need for an officer review when ticket recipients will either pay without a fight (easy money) or they’ll come down to court and tell you they don’t deserve the ticket, thus no need to do a review.

The scam continues…


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