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Maintaining this website takes quite a bit of effort on top of a full time job, and I’m not able to work and present all of the articles that I have planned. If you have some spare time, live in the Phoenix area, and think you can help, read on…

Winning this battle will take information and facts. The truth and the data are out there, we just need to get it. The media and police agencies are content to report success based on number of citations issued, not number of injuries and fatalities, the true measure of safety. An example of what’s possible is here, where we exposed the truth about Tempe’s dangerous camera program.

What I need is someone to help me perform research. At this point, I have a few articles in mind but I need to submit information requests (FOIA) to some local cities, DPS, and/or ADOT. I’ll give you specific lists of what data is needed and I’ll pay any costs associated with the requests, I just need someone who has the time to make the contacts, make the requests, and get the data. It really shouldn’t take that much time, but it would really help me out. Please email me and let me know if you can spare an hour or two per week to get the data.

Also, if there are any WordPress experts out there, I need some help integrating this blog into my site better.


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