Redflex Lies: The Propaganda Machine Keeps Going

Redflex continues is propaganda and lie machine with today’s press release which claims that “According to the results of a new poll released this week, the vast majority of Louisiana residents support the use of photo traffic enforcement to monitor and discourage speed and red light running.” It goes on to claim that “Nearly 72 percent believe the legislature should allow the use of traffic cameras” along with other bogus claims.

The funny thing is, real polls show differently. In April of this year, more than 85% of Sulphur, LA residents voted to reject photo enforcement.

And recent polls in the UK echo the same sentiment:

  • 27% think speed cameras improve road safety – 73% do not
  • 18% reckon more speed cameras should be installed – 82% do not

Good try, Redflex, but there are some things money can’t buy.


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