Baltimore County Police Chief Forsakes Proper Traffic Engineering

In an unsurprising move, Baltimore County Police Chief has decided that he is a qualified traffic engineer, despite no work history as such. Over 240 locations were being considered as speed camera locations, but rather than have traffic engineers evaluate each location to determine
a) if there are any problems or flaws with the road or road conditions contributing to alleged safety problems
b) if increased enforcement via photography is the ideal solution for those locations

Instead, the chief prefers the seat-of-the-pants and brute force method over tried and true data-based scientific methodology, and has selected the final locations based on accident data and public input. The reason for this is obvious, as the County expects to add hundreds of thousands to its coffers, and has little interest in whether or not the solution is the correct solution for the location or will actually improve safety. The chief is not interested to know if accidents are being caused by improper speed limits, confusing, missing, or inadequate signage, visibility issues, or anything else.

The unscientific approach is a bit like a do-it-your-selfer adding a turbo-charger to a sluggish car. It may improve performance, but had you taken it to a real mechanic, he may have fixed the problem by replacing the air and fuel filters for a lot less money and much better result.


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