Revenue More Important Than Being Correct

The biggest weaknesses of photo enforcement (PE) is the inability to identify with any certainty who is committing the crime and the reliance on un-monitored, highly sensitive equipment that is exposed to the elements 24/7, as well as the reliance on complicated and elaborate processing systems for handling mass amounts of alleged violations.

The IIHS claims that the driver of a car is the registered owner only 72% of the time. This means that the police are citing the wrong person in more than 1 in 4 tickets! Yes, the police are falsely accusing more than 25% of the recipients of photo tickets! It used to be that police would pride themselves in finding the correct law breakers, and would be ashamed if they incorrectly identified the perpetrator.

So if the purpose of PE is safety, then what is the point of sending tickets to people who didn’t do anything wrong? The only possible answer is more revenue. Redflex knows that some people will simply pay the ticket to get rid of it – it’s simply not worth the hassle and effort of fighting. The only cost of sending a ticket to the wrong person is the cost of postage, so why not?

Here’s a brief list of examples of how photo enforcement and the justice system has become an unacceptable burden upon the innocent:

That’s only 10 examples of failures of equipment OR the photo enforcement processing system. There are LOTS MORE out there, and rest assured, there MANY MORE that don’t make the papers. We should be ALARMED and DISGUSTED that we allow our government to implement a flawed and error-prone system like this that preys on the innocent. How many INNOCENT people have had to unnecessarily lose time, money, and effort fighting erroneous tickets, paying legal fees, and trying to get their records straightened out? As a country that founded and prides itself on making sure the innocent aren’t falsely prosecuted, photo enforcement should make any American sick.


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