Greed Trumps Reason

The quest for cash is not unique to Peoria, AZ, whose city council last month voted to extend a pilot program where statistics show that accidents more than DOUBLED over the previous year. The city of Grande Prairie’s latest Red Light Camera Program Review revealed an astonishing 126% increase in injury collisions in its first year of operation.

Garry Roth, the author of the report, writes:
While the collision numbers have not decreased significantly since the
cameras have been installed, it is still the position of Enforcement Services that
enforcement through the camera technology helps promote safe driving habits
that should in the long run have a positive effect on the numbers of people
injured or killed at intersection related collisions.

Yes, despite injury accidents more than doubling, the City Manager still believes that promoting safety through cameras, rather than engineering, will improve safety despite overwhelming evidence that cameras have made the targeted intersections more than twice as dangerous. Or is it more likely that the city manager and the rest of the city is addicted to the $1.2M in revenue they generate.


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