Revenue or Safety? Colorado Officials Admit Red Light Cameras About Revenue

In a recent article out of Colorado, officials made a blunder that indirectly reveals that red light cameras (RLCs) are all about the revenue. According to the article, Colorado Springs police officials have identified red light camera locations based on the safety needs of the community, but that’s not good enough.

“The vendor will also take a month or two to determine if the intersections we choose are appropriate. This isn’t a quick process due to the interaction of the vendor with several city agencies.”

It turns out that what the city believes are the locations in need of the biggest safety improvements aren’t necessarily going to be the locations that get cameras. The final say on locations goes to the camera vendor. The camera vendor; however, is not interested in safety but rather the bottom line.

What can be inferred from this information is that the city may decide NOT to put cameras at its most dangerous intersections because it isn’t profitable enough to do so. Even though they may consciously believe that cameras will improve safety at the locations that need it most, they will decide not to for money concerns, which makes this next statement a complete lie:

Whitlock reiterated the Police Department’s stance on red-light cameras and photo radar: They’re not designed to be money-makers.

“That’s not why we’re doing it,” he said. “We’re doing it because it’s the right thing to do for public safety, not to build revenue.”

So let me get this straight… if you have a dangerous intersection that you believe could be helped with cameras, but the vendors says the intersection isn’t going to be profitable, you won’t put one there anyway in the name of safety?

I think the answer is clear.


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  1. Posted June 25, 2010 at 5:30 am | Permalink

    Do we really need more red traffic light speeding cameras or just more cameras rather now? The clearest thing is the red light cameras have not changed driving habits? We all know red light and speed cameras are paced for profit?

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