Redflex Lies Again – Claims to Use Test Lab That Doesn’t Exist!

The Herald Sun reports that Claus Salger, an electronics engineer and John King of Victoria, Australia successfully proved that Redflex had claimed in official documents to use a testing lab that didn’t exist. According to the article:

He and Mr Salger proved E and E Testing Laboratories, the company named on official documents as having calibrated a camera in Nth Balwyn, did not exist.

After proving this, Mr. King won his court case but he has been awaiting payment ever since. The city that owes him the refund has yet to pay after 8 months. Mr. King was awarded a Sherrif’s warrant so that he can now confiscate police assets to satisfy the court order.

It’s our opinion that the newspaper glossed over the most important aspect of this story – the fact that Redflex LIED about the calibration of its equipment. It sounds to me like this could be grounds for a class action lawsuit.

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