Two More Cities Dump Red Light Cameras and other news sources are reporting that both Loma Linda, CA and Whittier, CA have ended their red light camera programs due to LACK OF SAFETY results.

Most poeple don’t understand how many cities have ended their programs, but TheNewspaper has summarized this for California:

Throughout the state, the same complaints have been heard throughout the year. In January, Moreno Valley dropped cameras. San Carlos canceled in April. Union City dumped cameras in June. Yucaipa and Costa Mesa ended automated ticketing in July. In November, 73 percent of Anaheim residents voted to ban cameras, although they had not been installed.

In the past, Cupertino, Compton, El Monte, Fairfield, Fresno, Irvine, Maywood, Paramount, Redlands, Roseville, San Jose (photo radar), Santa Rosa, and Upland have rejected their automated ticketing programs.


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