Endorses Randy Miller in Surprise City Council Race

The primary election for the Surprise City Council is August 30, and there are 3 challengers to incumbent John Williams. Surprise recently started using photo radar trailers to generate revenue from local residents. Williams has swallowed the camera salesman’s line and remains deluded that cameras can miraculously free up officers. Williams has not yet been able to reason that rolling out a speed camera trailer will NOT lead to any more patrol hours. If anything, it will consume MORE officer time in that the officers now have to spend time setting up the camera, checking on the camera, and sitting at a computer looking at photos, meaning they will be spending LESS time patrolling the streets.

Only one candidate has a firm and complete opposition to photo radar and we wholeheartedly support Randy Miller. Randy was quoted in the Arizona Republicas saying:

“I say ‘no’, they’re not a value if you’re looking at public safety.” It is more effective for a police officer to make a contact with a driver. A camera cannot check for warrants or DUI. I was a parole officer for 20 years and from a public-safety standpoint, cameras don’t cut it. They are also not effective at generating revenue and can waste court time. It’s better to have an officer out there.

We agree. Elect Randy Miller to the Surprise City Council!


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