Redflex, City of Peoria Violate State Law, in No Hurry to Remove Cameras

Despite the announcement in mid-September, red light camera contractor Redflex waited almost 4 full weeks to remove its equipment after losing its contract with the City of Peoria, AZ. The city’s contract officially ended on October 3 after failing to reduce accidents after 3 years of operation in what was initially started as a 1 year “pilot” program but never once showed a reduction in accidents.

Redflex and the city completely disregarded ARS 28-1204.B.3 and left its “Photo Enforced” signs in place even after the cameras were turned off. State law requires photo enforcement warning signs to be removed when systems are no longer operational.

See additional photos of the camera removal.

In a related note, Redflex’s cameras installed in Tempe are still in place after being turned off in mid-July.

Update: 6:30PM

Redflex ups the violations with CRIMINAL LITTERING! Workers left photo enforcement equipment at the scene as of 6:30pm. ARS 13-1603 classifies litter for a commercial purpose as a class 6 felony. Watch the video below.

Update 9:00PM

As to be expected, Peoria police refuse to issue any citations or hold anyone accountable for either violation. For 3 years police had no qualms about issuing red light tickets for trivial 0.1 second violations, but now after a company has abandoned construction scrap in a public right away for over 10 hours, and with photo-graphic evidence of when the litter was left and who left it, the police have ZERO interest in pursuing a felony conviction. Additionally, the police have ZERO interest in holding anyone accountable for violations of ARS 28-1204.B.3 either. As you would expect, it’s OK for them to hold the public accountable, but forget about holding anyone in the government responsible.



  1. Gene
    Posted October 29, 2011 at 12:01 pm | Permalink

    ALL politicians and bureaucrats who were involved in the installation of Red Light Cameras should either be fired or not re-elected.

  2. Posted November 3, 2011 at 10:52 am | Permalink

    In regards to the criminal littering, the inductive loop sensors are still embedded into the roadway. We the taxpayers are left with their e-waste and cost of removal. The damage done to the roadways by slicing into the pavement does not make our roads “safer”.

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