A Round of Applause For Syracuse

City officials for Syracuse are to be commended for doing proper due diligence prior to installing red light cameras and rejecting Redflex and other vendors. In an article from Syracuse.com, officials cited many reasons for opting against the scam including the demise of cameras in LA and Houston and the fact that many other states have banned their use. They also cited the fact that the cameras don’t cite the driver (just the owner), and the fact that they weren’t convinced that the cameras would improve safety.

“Tom Herrmann, of Redflex, one of the companies that bid to put cameras in Syracuse, said the city will be missing out [on lots of revenue].”

Too often city officials fail to do proper due diligence and blindly opt to go down the same roads that other cities have already gone down with failed camera programs. The only way to explain this behavior is corruption or incompetence. Syracuse officials, however, have proven they are neither.


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