Denver Police Conveniently Provide Incorrect Revenue Data to 9News

Several months ago 9News did a report on the infamous Denver Red Light Automated Ticketing Program. This program is particularly famous because the city issues photo tickets even if you stop at a red light! That’s right, if a driver doesn’t stop before a specific line on the pavement but they do stop before entering the intersection, they get a ticket. Regardless, as part of a report 9News discussed that the revenue from the program was not significant. It turns out months later that the data provided was monthly data, not yearly data, which is of course a much more substantial number.

Intentional, or mistake? You could place blame on 9News as well, but in the face of high profile programs ending in cities like LA, the city of Denver was probably desperate to spin revenue numbers in order to preserve this cash cow. We’re not convinced this was an honest mistake, but you can be the judge.


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