Man Successfully Avoids Paying $13k in Photo Fines, Issues Guide

Last week The Advertiser featured an article about Mark Henderson of Lafayette, LA who intentionally racked up over $13,000 in photo ticket fines. He discovered that the tickets had no teeth, and he passes along his information for avoiding tickets. Unfortunately, this only applies to Lafayette, LA. Part or all of this may apply to your city or state’s program, but you’ll need to verify this with a lawyer or other professional:

1. A citation is mailed to you for either speeding or running a red light at one of the many intersections in Lafayette monitored by the devices

2. Simply don’t pay the fine, and don’t let the possible penalties on the ticket scare you. “There is no reason to think this is anything more than an empty threat to scare people into paying the tickets for their business,” Henderson said.

3. Wait for Redflex to pass your personal information to an out-of-state collection agency that Henderson calls a “quasi law firm.” Henderson ignored so many of the notices the firm sent him that he claims they altogether stopped trying to collect his debt.

4. Monitor your credit score closely and wait to see if the collection agency uses the citation debt to damage your score.

5. If your credit score is damaged, call one of the big three credit rating agencies, or perhaps even all three, to get in touch with someone who handles contract disputes.

6. Explain to the spokesperson that you never entered into a contractual agreement with either LCG or Redflex and that neither Redflex nor the collection agency had your permission to use your social security number (Henderson claims the SSNs are illegally taken from the DMV).

7. If you didn’t give consent to use your SSN and didn’t personally enter into a contract saying you would pay the fine, the damage to your credit score will be fixed “in a matter of 15 minutes,” Henderson said.


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    Good to know I made some waves with Advertiser’s story.

    I hope my information does a lot of good for people. Thanks for posting this.

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