Stop Sign Cameras Bring Millions in Revenue to LA Parks

The LA Weekly produced a revealing article which exposes the MRCA stop sign camera program for the money grab that it is:

Yet the MRCA, which can afford to send a team to court to fight a single $175 ticket, cannot produce any records to back up its claims of actual danger.

In fact, the Weekly has learned, the danger is being exaggerated. Los Angeles Police Department data show no serious accidents have occurred at the seven locations for the past eight years, either pre- or postcameras.

Lt. Andy Neiman, an LAPD spokesman, after poring over data from 2005 to 2012 for streets adjacent to the seven stop-sign cameras, such as the 3500 block of Reseda Boulevard and the 3600 block of Topanga Canyon Boulevard, concludes, “We have not completed any traffic investigations at those locations, or at least if we did respond to a collision, they did not meet the criteria requiring a traffic report.”

The most humorous response comes from the MRCA supervising ranger Jewel Johnson:

MRCA supervising ranger Jewel Johnson insists, “We’re not going to wait until people get killed.”

With logic like that, who needs proper traffic engineering or science? One wonders how Jewel would suggest it’s possible to improve safety beyond 0 accidents.

Luckily, for those drivers in-the-know, it appears that the MRCA program has the same fault as the LA camera program – there is no teeth in the enforcement. There is NO penalty for failure to pay the fine! Be sure to read the whole article.


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