Another Study Shows Speed Cameras Ineffective

This study is a bit old, but it is definitely worth mentioning. When proper scientific and statistical analysis is used, speed cameras are shown to have no effect on safety or sometimes even make things worse. reports on a study from the Thames Valley in England:

A private study of the effect of speed cameras in Thames Valley, England concluded Tuesday that the devices failed to produce a measurable safety benefit. Dave Finney, an electronics engineer, produced the report by examining accident data from the Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership before and after cameras were activated at 212 permanent sites and at all 105 locations where mobile photo radar vans were routinely parked. Most of the permanent installations were activated between 1993 and 1998.

The report focused on the effects in the 24 months before and 24 months after photo enforcement commenced at these locations. To compensate for changes in engineering and traffic volumes over time, Finney looked at the collisions at camera sites as a percentage of area-wide annual accident totals. He found that fixed locations saw a slight decrease in accidents and mobile sites a slight increase. Overall, the difference was a statistically insignificant 0.2 percent drop in collisions.

This is yet another study that shows cameras to be good at only one thing: raising revenue.


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