Why I Oppose Speed Cameras

This was posted on the Urbandale Patch over a month ago and written by State Senator Brad Zaun who “gets it.” I thought it was well written and deserved re-posting of excertps here:

I have many concerns about these cameras and believe they are primarily about money generation rather than public safety. Several scenarios have been communicated to me that are troubling. As an example, I had someone contact me that had their car repaired at a shop and the mechanic took the car for a test drive. The next thing the owner saw in the mail was a violation sent to him that was the responsibility of the owner to pay, not the person test driving the car.

I see a rising trend among cities using these cameras without any regulations. Cities contract with companies to install these cameras at no up-front expense for the purchase of the equipment. In turn, cities then pay these camera companies a cut in revenue generated. The cut in some cases is up to 50%, but varies from city to city. There are six cities that have been caught shortening yellow light times for profit from as close as Springfield, Missouri.

In our country you are innocent until proven guilty. With traffic enforcement cameras there is little due process. I believe these cameras are a start to privatization of law enforcement and I believe this undermines the sanctity of the state criminal traffic code.


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