Crashes Drop in Tempe After Cameras Turned Off

Last year Tempe turned off its red light cameras after a dispute arose between the city and the contractor, Redflex. Redflex is suing Tempe for $1.3M.  Camera advocates always predict dramatic increases in crashes when cameras are turned off. However, according to the East Valley Tribune, intersection crashes fell from 101 to 93 for the same 6 month period after turning off the cameras.

This flies in the face of camera advocates like Joanna Peters of Red Means Stop who claims that issuing tickets equates to safety, “If it reduced tickets, I think it would increase fatalities.” It has been well documented that Red Means Stop is a shill organization sponsored by camera companies. If they truly cared about traffic safety they would advocate for traffic safety engineering, but that is mysteriously missing from their mantra as they focus entirely on automated enforcement advocacy even though the proof comes in repeatedly that red light cameras make intersections MORE dangerous, not less.


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