Guide to Beating Photo Radar Fines

Redflex has bullied Albuquerque into trying to collect their ransom from all of the motorists unfortunate enough to be caught by the scam. Depending on the legitimacy of the collection agencies chosen, the fraud may be getting deeper. To appease Redflex, Albuquerque has decided to turn all unpaid tickets over to a collection agency. The reality is that all the agency can do is ask you to pay, although they’ll probably try to put the tickets on your credit report as well. If they put unpaid tickets on your credit history, all you have to do is call or write the credit agency and talk to someone who handles contract disputes. Explain to the spokesperson that you never entered into a contractual agreement with the city or Redflex and that neither Redflex nor the collection agency had your permission to use your social security number. Your credit will be cleaned up instantly.

Of course, this is not legal advice. Please consult an attorney for specific advice regarding your situation.


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