Redflex Doesn’t Know If Their Cameras Are Working

A new article by TimesNews.Net sheds light and provides proof on a critical aspect of automated enforcement that we’ve critiqued here for years: No one knows if the equipment is working properly at the time of your citation. Yet everyday in faux traffic hearings across the country, officers and Redflex employees testify that the equipment is all in fine working condition and worked properly for ticket being heard despite the fact that there are no witnesses.

In Johnson City, a fatal traffic accident occurred at an intersection with red light cameras, but officials have been vocal about their disappointment that the cameras failed to capture the crash on video, or prevent it, for that matter. As the drivers had no way of knowing if the cameras were functional they should have still deterred someone from running a red light they? Alas, they did not.

Redflex made a statement that “the disruption in service for the traffic safety camera at the intersection of (West) State of Franklin (Road) and (West) Walnut Street occurred either late on May 22 or early on May 23.” I find it troubling and disturbing that Redflex has no idea when the cameras stopped working. And if that is the case, they also have no idea when the cameras are working properly either. But despite this fact, Redflex sends its employees and law enforcement officers into traffic hearings all day everyday to testify that they somehow know first hand that the evidence before them was taken from a functional system, even though – as we now have proof – they have not way of actually knowing this to be the case.


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