Redflex Driver Violates Multiple Traffic Laws

Redflex is no stranger to violating the law, and today was no exception. A Redflex photo radar van was spotted violating multiple traffic laws today on its way back to headquarters in North Phoenix. The first traffic violation is ARS 28-751 which requires drivers to turn into the first available lane when making turns. This van does this twice, despite the clear illustrations available in the Arizona Driver’s Manual. In addition to making this violation twice, the scam van also exceeded the posted limit on Deer Valley road by as much as 10mph as reported by the driver who took this footage. The video also shows the driver veering outside of his lane.

Of course, Redflex believes it is above that law so this doesn’t stop the company from behaving as they please. Do you think Redflex will pay the photo ticket we send them, or throw it in the trash like many other Arizonans do with their tickets?


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