It’s Not About the Children – the Photo Radar Scam

This article appeared about 6 weeks ago in the Star Democrat and I wanted to mention it  because it summarized the photo radar scam quite accurately. Rick Kollinger had a few gems (below), but it’s worth reading the whole article:

In recent years, I’ve become suspicious of anything politicians do when they add, “it’s for the children.” It’s rarely for the children and is yet another revenue enhancement stream.

People rarely challenge the tickets they’re given because they’re only 40 bucks and no points go against your license and your insurance company is not involved. If you should challenge the ticket, you have to call the company and request a court date, and should you like a representative from the company there, you must request it in writing. However, should you take the time, you’ll win the case because the documentation for these radar devices is extremely lax, with out-of-date certification, no on-site calibration, and the fact that the cameras can be manipulated from Illinois. In other words, instead of towns leasing these cameras and policing them themselves, they’ve allowed an out-of-town entity to run them even though it’s in the company’s interests to give out as many tickets as possible. A clear conflict of interest (not unknown in Maryland).


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