Speed Camera Van Fails To Prevent Officer’s Crash

The complicit press always seems surprised when a speed camera fails to prevent an accident, and here we have another case of this happening. A police officer plowed into a scam van after braking and losing control after coming over a hill and approaching the camera van. Details are purposefully omitted from the article, but is seems likely that the scam van caused the panic braking which lead to the crash. Most police officers undergo extensive driving training to avoid reactions like this. But if a highly trained officer reacts this way to a scam van, how does the average Joe have a chance? Perhaps this is why crashes tend to INCREASE when cash cameras are installed.

And if that weren’t enough, clearly this shows that manning a speed camera van is a dangerous activity and low-paid workers are put in extreme danger in order to raise cash for their municipalities. Typically the danger the comes irate drivers who choose to approach scam vans and their operators including several shootings being reported worldwide in recent years. But as this article shows, the danger isn’t just dangerous drivers, it is also incredibly hazardous to maintain a position on the side of a busy road just for the risk of collision with a passing car.


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