El Mirage Up to More Tricks

A little late, but still worth a comment… The Phoenix New Times has an excellent article about the shenanigans going on over in El Mirage. A few miles of highway known as US60 runs through El Mirage, and last year El Mirage decided to cash in on it by installing speed cameras. The problem is US60 is a highway and so installing cameras requires authorization by ADOT. ADOT’s policy is that cities must justify the installation of cameras in order to get a permit, but no report was ever provided by El Mirage. This article uncovers that the justification was given verbally.

And now that the cameras have been in place for a while, we’re curious to see how much more dangerous the road has become. There was a request for data from the city from a council member, but this request was stalled and will not be released until AFTER the upcoming election. Hmmmm, what does that mean? The numbers must not be pretty. Because the people who ran on the safety aspects of the cameras would probably face a tough re-election if the numbers don’t show any improvement in safety. If the numbers looked great, they’d be anxious to report them. What are they hiding?

We see it time and time again, photo enforcement breeds corruption and dishonesty and brings nothing but bad news to the cities that use it. El Mirage is just the latest example.

But city officials are supposed to justify the need for the cameras, according to an agreement they have with the Arizona Department of Transportation, the state agency that grants individual cities permits needed to put photo-enforcement cameras on state highways.

ADOT doesn’t have any traffic reports from El Mirage. And city officials have refused New Times’ repeated requests for copies of the traffic studies and crash data they were supposed to provide to ADOT.


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