Chicago Corruption Reveals New Evidence To Prove the Scam

Last week, the Chicago Tribune reported several ethics violations by Redflex consultant Marty O’Malley that resulted in the company’s bid for a huge new photo enforcement contract being deemed ineligible.

Now, the Chicago Tribune has revealed that Marty O’Malley introduced Redflex to a Bryan Wagner who later became the consultant hired in Jefferson Parish, Lousiana. And just like in Chicago, there have been allegations of corruption which has led to an FBI investigation which is still ongoing. But perhaps the most revealing is this comment by O’Malley:

Yes, that’s correct. I introduced them,” O’Malley told the Tribune. “Bryan Wagner and I worked together when I worked for an environmental abatement company in Louisiana in the 1990s. I knew Redflex was having trouble making any headway there, so I mentioned that I knew somebody down there that might help if they were interested.”

This comment says everything we need to know. If photo enforcement was as great as claimed, why would it be necessary to hire politically-connected consultants to land contracts? This means that city/parish officials were uninterested in photo enforcement for genuine reasons of improved safety. City officials weren’t interested until they were persuaded by a well-paid consultant to begin a lucrative photo enforcement program. Our best guess is that no other photo enforcement companies were ever seriously considered for the contract and the bidding process was fixed. What else would you expect from Redflex? This is standard operating procedure.


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