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Photo Radar Scam

Dawson: Exhausting, smug photo radar debate carries on

Tyler Dawson of the Ottawa Citizen wrote this brilliant piece on the photo radar debate. Reprinted here without permission: The smarm and smugness that have accompanied the debate over whether Ottawa should get photo radar are indicative of the exhausting way arguments are conducted. This manifests itself, particularly, in the suggestions that people who don’t want photo radar are […]

ATS Issues Press Release To Explain Why Their Products Don’t Work

ATS, one of the nations leading provider of automated ticketing machines recently issued a press release explaining why their cameras can have no effect on most accidents. The press release explains that 58% of red light runners were distracted (including cell phone use, looking away, eyes closed, smoking, eating/drinking, reading, and applying make-up) while running […]

Another Crash Caused by Speed Camera

Crashes caused by speed cameras are always tough to document and prove, but alas we have a video of yet another crash CAUSED by speed camera: Crash Caused by Speed Camera

Chicago Red Light Camera Report

This is a great study that analyzed the Chicago camera program and has shown again that (surprise!) crashes INCREASED after installing red light cameras! Chicago Red Light Camera Study

What the Red Light Camera Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Engineering Improves Safety at Red Light Camera Intersections

Here’s a great article that explains what happens when a city extends yellow light times. Violations PLUNGE! The study result means that most of those who received tickets for entering the intersection within the difference time in the chart above after the light changed to red were ticketed unfairly. This is huge. We are talking […]

Public conned over anti-speeding strategy

Saw a great editorial with some strong arguments against the “speed kills” fallacy. Here are some excerpts and here is the full article. “When the road toll goes down, the police claim credit. When it goes up, they blame bad driving. They can’t have it both ways. Either the police anti-speeding strategy works or it […]

Arizona SB1167 Seeks to Ban Photo Enforcement in Arizona

Senators Ward, Burges, Kavanah, and Yee have sponsored Senate Bill SB1167 for the 2015 Arizona legislative session. This bill will ban all forms of photo enforcement in Arizona. Please contact your legislators and let them know how they should vote on this bill that will help remove the corruption from law enforcement and improve traffic […]


A great article worth re-posting about red light camera tickets in LA: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IGNORING RED-LIGHT CAMERA TICKETS So, cutting right to the chase: You can still ignore them with little consequence, experts say. And, no, a recent California Supreme Court red-light camera ruling in People v. Goldsmith does not change […]

More Evidence: Red Light Cameras Increase Crashes

It’s bit old but worth mentioning. This article from discusses a study that reveals what we already know: Red Light Cameras increase crashes! This report dives into why data and reports have differing conclusions: The studies with the most complete set of variables concluded that accidents increased with the use of red light cameras, […]