ATS Issues Press Release To Explain Why Their Products Don’t Work

ATS, one of the nations leading provider of automated ticketing machines recently issued a press release explaining why their cameras can have no effect on most accidents. The press release explains that 58% of red light runners were distracted (including cell phone use, looking away, eyes closed, smoking, eating/drinking, reading, and applying make-up) while running […]

Why you should care about red-light cameras

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. The website if pretty much up to date with all recent stories. I’ve decided to re-print this opinion piece as it is really well written by Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon. The original post can be found here. Why you should care about red-light cameras: Opinion More people approach me […]

A Logical Discussion on Red Light Cameras

I’m reprinting this terrific letter which appeared recently in the Dothan Eagle as it is a very well written and well though out piece on why photo enforcement should be banned: An unjust law cannot be made just because others are doing the same or simply saying “It is the law.” The burden of proof […]

Another Study Shows Speed Cameras Ineffective

This study is a bit old, but it is definitely worth mentioning. When proper scientific and statistical analysis is used, speed cameras are shown to have no effect on safety or sometimes even make things worse. reports on a study from the Thames Valley in England: A private study of the effect of speed […]

Pima County Wants to Fix Poor Intersection Design With Cameras

Pima County officials appear to be manipulating light timing in order to justify the installatin of red light cameras. With or without rd light cameras, this video makes it clear that what is really needed is solid traffic engineering, NOT enforcement!

PIRG Releases New Report on Speed Cameras

PIRG, the federation of Public Interest Research Groups, released a report today about the spread of red light cameras across the country. The report doesn’t get into the safety debate regarding photo enforcement, but it does cover the political and contractual issues regarding photo enforcement, as well as a brief discussion the recommended approach for […]

City Plans to Axe Red Light Cameras to Free Up Officers

Camera companies have long touted their camera systems as tools to “free up officers” for more important duties. has disputed this claim from the beginning because cameras do NOT increase the number of police patrol hours (unless profits are used to pay for more hours or hire more staff). We have maintained that cameras […]

Another Town in Trouble Because of Photo Enforcement

I’m going to try to do a better job of posting about lawsuits related to photo enforcement. I post them in the news sections but I don’t have a page dedicated to them. Now Bluff City finds itself along with ATS as defendants in a $6M federal class action lawsuit. If these towns haven’t learned […]

Pima County Propaganda

Pima County has issued their to convince the public that the scameras are working. But a closer look shows that the picture is not as rosy as it seems.

Revenue More Important Than Being Correct

The biggest weaknesses of photo enforcement (PE) is the inability to identify with any certainty who is committing the crime and the reliance on un-monitored, highly sensitive equipment that is exposed to the elements 24/7, as well as the reliance on complicated and elaborate processing systems for handling mass amounts of alleged violations.