Speed Camera Van Fails To Prevent Another Crash in Tucson

ABC15 News is reporting yet another failure of photo enforcement to protect itself from being crashed into. TUCSON, AZ – A man is in custody in Tucson after allegedly crashing his car into a parked photo radar van. Tucson police say 25-year-old Matthew Jones is being held on suspicion of felony criminal damage and driving […]

Ohio Judge Provides Information That May Be Useful in Fighting Photo Enforcement Citations

In the recent case of City of Parma vs. Demsey, the defendant was unsuccessful in defending himself in what was likely a kangaroo court for photo enforcement. Demsey appealed, but he apparently chose the wrong basis on which to appeal. While Sean C. Gallagher agreed with the denial of the appeal, he did offer the […]

Redflex Loses Another Contract

The city of Gardena, CA, wised up today and voted UNANIMOUSLY to end the city’s red light camera program operated by Redflex. As reported by DailyBreeze.com: Mayor Paul Tanaka said he supported the staff’s recommendation to stop using the cameras because it is too costly and doesn’t seem to be reducing traffic collisions. “First and […]

Cameras Coming Down In the US and Across the Pond

Cameras Coming Down In the US and Across the Pond

Photo Enforcement Continues to Burden the Innocent

Innocent vehicle owners continue to be victimized, harassed, and burdened with erroneous photo enforcement tickets. Despite promises and claims by officials that all tickets are reviewed for accuracy prior to being issued, many obvious erroneous tickets are issued every day.

The Scales Of Justice

If those who flirt with the idea their towns are better with cameras will do a bit of unbiased research, they too will find traffic cameras are chiefly used for what is little more than modern-day “highway robbery.”

Greed Trumps Reason

The city of Grande Prairie’s latest Red Light Camera Program Review revealed an astonishing 126% increase in injury collisions in its first year of operation.

Has your license been suspended?

Your license could be suspended and you may not even know it. In yet another colossal failure of photo enforcement, you may have been cited with a traffic citation and never been notified.

Revenue More Important Than Being Correct

The biggest weaknesses of photo enforcement (PE) is the inability to identify with any certainty who is committing the crime and the reliance on un-monitored, highly sensitive equipment that is exposed to the elements 24/7, as well as the reliance on complicated and elaborate processing systems for handling mass amounts of alleged violations.

Another Accident Caused by Photo Enforcement on Video

While the scamvans are touted to improve safety and prevent accidents, clearly the presence of this van did nothing. While the exact cause of this accident is unknown, there is a very good chance that the driver was distracted by the scamvan itself, leading to the driver’s demise.