Arizona SB1167 Seeks to Ban Photo Enforcement in Arizona

Senators Ward, Burges, Kavanah, and Yee have sponsored Senate Bill SB1167 for the 2015 Arizona legislative session. This bill will ban all forms of photo enforcement in Arizona. Please contact your legislators and let them know how they should vote on this bill that will help remove the corruption from law enforcement and improve traffic safety for all motorists.


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  1. Jeff
    Posted July 21, 2015 at 12:06 pm | Permalink

    I travel a lot for business and pleasure. In early May of 2015 a picture was taken of me speeding in Mesa, AZ (though I’ve never seen it, nothing came via the mail, I’m getting this info from a court document)In late May 2015 my wife and I were in southern Virginia for our daughter’s graduation from a university. From there we travelled to Los Angeles to visit elderly parents for a week and then went to our Utah home for the summer (we’re still here) on July 20th 2015 I received a notice from the court that my liscence is going to be suspended if I’m not in court on the July 21st. The court worker I spoke with told me we had been served, and I asked her where and when. She gave me a date, and as luck has it, we were not home, nor have we been home since leaving for Virginia in late May. Still, if we did not pay the $400 today, my liscence would be suspended. Process servers lie and commit fraud all the time. Nobody lives at our home while we are gone. How can they get away with thus? I haven’t received this citation in the mail, I guarantee we were never served and I was not given due process to defend myself against a speeding ticket, I may or may not have been given justly. This is a form of extortion, and I’m assuming on a very large basis. These photo scams need to end now. I will get my retribution. I’m not going away on this, please write or email your political representatives, it’s up to us to have these cameras taken down and removed indefinitely.

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